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A polyp is a fleshy growth which can be found in many parts of the body. Unlike other polyps, a colorectal polyp is clinically important because it has the potential of becoming cancerous...
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Bloated Tummy is a very commong complaint. Most cases are harmless and self-limiting, usually caused by gas or food indiscretion, but some are serious and dangerous...
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Bad Breath &
Embarrassing WInd
Usually the propagators are blissfully unaware of it and it’s the surrounding people who have to bear with it 90% of pathological bad breath is caused by oral bacteria...
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Lowdown on
Constipation or difficulty in passing motion is very common. Everyone has experienced this unpleasant symptom. Most cases of constipation are harmless and easily treated...
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Modern Treatment
of Piles
Piles or haemorrhoids are very common – probably 50% of adults in Singapore would have experienced symptoms of piles This is because everyone has piles tissues...
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